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Hoppy Easter!

on April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny's gift to H

Happy Easter Everybunny! We had a lovely morning. H woke up early as expected. He was so excited, it was hard to feel tired even with only a little sleep last night. We started as always with the egg hunt. Either H is getting too clever these days or our house is getting too small because he found all the eggs in less than an hour. A new record! At least I hope he found them all…there’s always that one that begins to spoil in May 🙂 

The rules in our house are one piece of candy before breakfast. H had a hard time choosing.

H: Mom? How does the Easter Bunny know all my favorite candy kinds?

Dad: Because, he’s always watching.

H: Dad! That’s Santa.

Can’t put anything past our little guy. But as I sort of expected, the candy took second place to his other gift. When he opened the present with the dress I’d got him, his eyes lit up. Again the Easter Bunny had known “just what I wanted.” That bunny sure is a smart cookie. 


He raced right into his room to put it on after we ate. I watched him looking at himself in the mirror for a while without letting him know. He was so happy, it made me cry. Our little boy is so very special and in moments like these, I know I’m doing the right thing for him. I just wish others could see it.


H too busy bouncing off the walls to let me take a nice photo.

Now we must get ready to join the rest of the family for dinner. I’ve decided not to put up any fights with H over what he wears, despite the grief it may cause between me and my relatives. He’ll be wearing the same outfit he wore to the wedding two weeks ago. And if my father has anything to say about, which he might, I’ll just remind him that we’re trying to get the most out the clothes we’ve already bought. After all, frugalness is a quality he always instilled in us 🙂


6 responses to “Hoppy Easter!

  1. lioca says:

    bonjour,je suis français et j’ai decouvert votre blog que je trouve formidable.
    merci de nous faire partager vos moment avec votre fils. je trouve votre ce que vous faite pour “H” est super, il y a beaucoup d’amour dans tous cela.

  2. nancy0312 says:

    Very sweet. What a happy start to the Easter holiday. I hope your father will be nice and not say anything negative about what his grandchild is wearing at dinner.

  3. bindance says:

    Happy Easter!

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