My Beautiful Little Boy

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Bye, Bye, Little Birdie

on April 18, 2012

Do I really have to go to school?

Sometimes I think the schools give Spring Break just to be cruel to us parents. Sure, the time with you child can be great…though I know a lot of parents who would argue the opposite point of view, especially those who have to rearrange work schedules. But I’m lucky enough to have that time together with H. However, that doesn’t exempt me for the strange torture the schools had in store.

You see, the real problem is that after a week off school, no kid ever wants to go back. At least not my little bird. It’s not that he doesn’t like school, he just likes lazy mornings and a steady diet of cartoons a little bit more. Come Monday morning, it was a stream “just one more day, PLEASE” and “maybe I’m actually a little sick” and other well-practiced 6 year old fibs. It was a battle all the way to the bus.

Of course, when he came home, H couldn’t stop chatting about his day….who he played with at recess, what they played, who touched who’s arm during the Pledge, what projects they did, and how he learned an ant is “stronger than like sixty million trillion of Dad.”

I’ll make sure to warn him next time there’s ants in the kitchen. 


"What? I never said I wanted to stay home"



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