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Good Day Sunshine

on April 20, 2012

Who's that handsome guy?

We’ve been enjoying the wonderful springtime weather lately, spending most afternoons in the park after school. As a parent, it’s so fascinating to see the way your child interacts with others. H has always gotten along well with other kids his own age. He has such a generous spirit that others always seem to gravitate toward him.

At the park, he often chooses to play with the girls. I think he just feels more comfortable around them, though he’ll play with boys as well. The other day he made a new friend there, a real boy’s kind of boy…rough and tumble. I think it was good for him. He was having a blast. I find that often a new friend influences his dress choices. I found the next day, he’d picked out one of the more boyish outfits that’s he picked in a while. I try not to make comments to him either way. I don’t want him to ever feel I’m judging those choices. 

This journey is one with lots of twists and turns. I’m just happy to beside as he makes his way along.




Still with sandals though...that's my H!


2 responses to “Good Day Sunshine

  1. ArthurGrow says:

    Cute boy ;3 He is so lovely!

  2. Boys In Dance says:

    I think it’s great you don’t judge his clothing or playmate decisions.

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